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Little Parrots Speech Pathology

Here is some feedback we’ve had about our
services at Little Parrots

Testimionials “Little Parrots has offered a valuable home based service and lots of resources and advice. My son enjoyed Roxy's visits and games and thought of Roxy as his special friend! Roxy has always been flexible in her approach, depending upon where my son and our family’s needs have been on the day! It is amazing how many fun games can interest a little boy and support language to develop. Massive thanks to both Roxy and Robyn, who have always been positive about my son's progress and provided the reassurance that I have needed as parent of a child that has always been trying so hard. Thanks Roxy and Robyn.”
Testimionials “We saw Robyn from Little Parrots for our son Lachlan (2 1/2 yrs old at the time we started). We were initially delighted with the fact that Little Parrots came to our home for the assessment and therapy sessions - this makes it so much easier for us as a family, as well as a more comfortable environment for our son. Lachlan warmed to Robyn immediately and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities that he was asked to do. Following each session, Robyn gave us a thorough summary of his performance as well as tips/recommendations for us to practice with him to further improve his speech before we had our next session. We were truly impressed with Lachlan's progress throughout his time working with Robyn. He certainly wasn't happy when he heard he didn't need to have Speech anymore! Definitely recommended for anyone that has concerns with their child's communication - a fantastic service from people truly passionate about what they do.”
Testimionials “My son Aiden is 3 and has been seeing Robyn for about a year. She is amazing with him and he looks forward to his session with her. She knows how to engage him with the different activities she does to get the most from him. It is a fantastic service that Little parrots provide in the comfort of your own home. Little Parrots go above and beyond to help you providing plenty of materials for you to use for practice between sessions. Thank you, Little Parrots”







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Site Designed by The Visual Studio
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